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Dutch market

NieuwsSprinter is a Dutch product, our main focus is the Dutch market. That's why our website is in Dutch and only this page is in English. Sorry about that.
However, the program itself is available in an English version as well. Individual users of a NieuwsSprinter account can choose the version they like best. New language versions can be added to NieuwsSprinter if there is a demand for it.

Sending successful newsletters

Do you want a channel next to social media to get direct results? Then start with email marketing. NieuwsSprinter is the program to send newsletters quickly, it's practical and result driven.
In a wink you produce a mailing and send it to the selected addresses. With some creativity in content and design you'll create the most stunning newsletters. If you want we can assist you with this.

Why NieuwsSprinter

  • NieuwsSprinter is webbased (in the cloud) so you can use it always and everywhere.
  • Very good price/performance ratio.
  • Instruction on location in the Netherlands.
  • Extensive Help and free helpdesk.
  • Emphasises privacy: no registration who clicks & when this happens.
    (the numbers do get stored).
  • Including images in mailing: directly a better layout (less ugly crosses because of missing images!).
  • Automatic handling of bounces. Also no out-of-office-messages anymore.
  • Flexible in configuration. Customization is possible.

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